Friday, January 13, 2006


"Coorg" is the place to go for medium budgeted and fun loving family..Its green in all the direction and very very pretty ! Far far away from the commercialization of most of the Tourist cities. Unlike Goa or Shimla this place has people who are willing to help you and you feel at home very much.

We stayed at "Coorg international"..they had some offer for Honeymoon couple..since we looked young enough to be considered a honeymoon couple we could avail that offer and got a package for 5K...which is damn cheap when compared with guys like "orange county"..and it was a real good stay..the hotel had a pool and a techie Gym..Althought honeymoon couple might not need all this, its good to have them, and gives the hotel an extra * ... :-))

You find it green all around you and very very less crowd so that you can breath some real fresh air..We hired a taxi to take us around the place..It was an old ambassador and was quite rusty..but the well behaviour of the driver made us ignore it. We went to the "Cauvery Nisargadhama, Bhagamandala, Gaddige (Raja’s Tomb), Raja’s Seat Harangi Dam,Cauvery Nisarga Dhama". This is pretty much what COORG has to offer you when it comes to places but when it comes to beauty, it is indeed the scotland of INDIA...

Bhangandeshwara temple here has a distinct Kerala touch. Because of the three rivers, it is also called Triveni Sangama...We are amazed to discover that the paintings done 1000 years ago still didnt fade and we could see the copper blue colour in the paintings still....In my Travelogue about "Egypt" i would tell you more...about ancient paintings :-)

We went around the place and went to "Abbi falls"..It had rained a lot the previous week and hence the falls had lotza water and it was a treat to the eyes..i tried attempting some rock climbing .... my husband stopped me from doing so just because if i fall down and break my leg, he can not lift till the hill top ;-)

Food was good at the hotel but we wanted to try some Local cuisine and hence landed in a coorgi mess...Dont expect any ambience but food the would be amazing..We didnt do one thing that every foodie does in Coorg...that was to taste being a Veggie didnt think about it.My husband had 99% of his heart willing to do that, but i was successful in stopping him.


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