Saturday, August 06, 2016 cup of tea !

Hmmmm...been quite a while and honestly, there are many things that happened in life and did not have enough energy to capture all...but lot of stuff in the drafts...

Why is honesty so important ? obviously dumb question...but to me that is what determines why i will never look upto the person again if there is a slight doubt on their honesty. It could be a maid asking for leave by the way of a fabricated story, which is also not i have become slightly better where i confront her. And everyone is strictly ordered, you want to sleep a while longer and bunk, absolutely fine with me, but just be honest. Do not lie. and fortunately unfortunately, i can figure it out pretty easily...

I have always been brutally honest all my life and got badly burnt as well as i believe in standing by what i say. I had a terrible 3 years at work just because i worked with a psycho and i was blunt about expressing my opinion about that person. I have always gone out of my way to speak for people who cant speak for themselves as i was in the right forum. I have many times recommended for promotions even when the person did not work for me, because i was honest about what i felt about the person. on the same hand, never ever liked people who are opportunistic, sly and dis-honest.

What do u do when someone close to you lies to you ? It could be a harmless lie, but should it hurt you ? A trivial lie is worse than a bigger one, as you are never going to believe that person ever again...Do you take it in the positive way, see the rationale behind it, or beat the shit out of the person and label them disloyal ? Do you give them a scope for error as they are close to you ? I never handled lies in person life so far. Does it not make you doubt the existence of your whole bond with the person ? What were they thinking. And that too when you lie to a person who can catch them like breeze and you are aware of the fact ? Do you feel that the person thinks you are dumb :) or will forgive taking the advantage of your relationship. It could be as simple as a phone call, but a lie is a lie is a lie. Is lying really so harmless ????

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baahubali...why i hate it ....

I am proud of my country and its heritage...but i am never proud of the fact that we plan to compete with the world with stupid things...look we made a movie to match the Hollywood...BIG DEAL..Who cares ? Can we compete for the following and then feel proud to widen our chest in Pride ?? Infrastructure, safety for woman, clean environment, Clean drinking water, pollution free and stress free life, open minded culture..Hygiene to top them all...the day we achieve all these let us celebrate and i will sell all i have and treat anybody and everybody regardless..When an Indian becomes CEO, we proclaim that India has arrived..but did it ever strike someone that there are more Sundar Pichais hidden in India and they are constantly undermined and overshadowed by caste/creed based politics in office ? Of couse IT is not a place immune to this shit..We all are Indian abide by the rule of let us show partiality because he speaks the same language, he is from same place and hey btw, he is my caste too..all this happens polished and professional manner..The day we conquer all our basic problems, we can build an Statue taller than SOL and make movies bigger than Avatar and send missions to Mars..Until then, concentrate on making India a developed and successful nation. Watching movies makes people happy, but our happiness should not end there. We need to think of it as an entertainment only and not makes its success our success...until then, this aunty acid shall wait :D

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

India Heals ???

Is it ? Really ?? I find it quite amusing when people esp celebrities flock to india to mend their broken hearts and shattered happiness. What makes it more funny is that they go back all healed up. Now, everyone assumes india has that magic, but looks to me like there is no such thing. India does not heal anyone...the people ensure they heal themselves. Let me explain a bit here..If india was that heaven everyone was searching for to make one happy, how come the majority in India is un-happy. How come we dont find peace and harmony is what we do and what we have ? how come we have more crimes and clutter all around us ? India does not have anything remotely miraculous. It is just that the so called folks from distant land which has all basic facilities and infrastructure come here for solace. Then they look around and realize that what they are crying for is far more minuscule than what they have back home. They realize that they have 100 times better life and way of life when compared to India and its people. Then they kneel down before god, say a silent prayer to god and go back all content and happy that they are far more privileged and blessed to have what they have..The heartbreak they came with looks silly, the trauma they always thought only they had, looks nothing in front of what a common man in india has to do to get what he wants to live a basic life...So, India does not heal...India is a hell..

P.S : It is not that i don't like my country, i don't like the way it is right now..

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Can we hurt our kids ?

Yes we can. If someone who hits their kids get jailed, so should many of the people around us. Hurting just does not mean causing physical damage. What about all those brainless banter from unhappy grandparents that gets into the kids mind and heart ? what about the constant arguments the parents have in front of the kid all the time ? Dont they cause any harm to the child and his future ? What a shame. We fail to recognize that the bullying kid around the corner or the taunting next door neighbour all cause so much mental stress that we are what we are today. We can not give a clean environment to our kids to grow up. Am not asking everyone to be just nice. If hitting is punishable, so is causing mental trauma. And not to forget those shitty teachers and relatives who take immense pleasure in comparing your marks, manners and what not..and this does not just end at school or home, it continues you like your shadow. The kids are constantly and consistently being harassed one way or the other.And all we do is talk about the parents who hit their kid and have been jailed with disgust. Let us try not to hurt their hearts, their childhood innocence and their unconditional love, then we shall talk about physical abuse....

Friday, May 11, 2012

Movie review '3'

I like it. I loved the way Aishwarya Dhanush took the story. But, why portray Dhanush as mentally imbalanced even this time...Is he that way in reality too ? I guess not !

Movie is simple. Two people totally in love, everything works for them. Everything falls in place, there is money, love, lust, good life, support from parents. But still, things can go wrong. when you have an issue, share it with your partner. you might be causing more damage by not telling than actually sharing it with the partner.

There are many things i watched and had a smile..The exact way i used to search for a PCO booth to talk to C when my mom was around...All those lies i used to make up to get 2 mins of me time with him..Not that she will disapprove, but she did not know what was happening and i didn't want to tell her until he was sure. There was an incident when we went to shirdi and i had to make these shitty excuses to go out and make a call. I could not get through and was worried the whole way back. Same reaction....of course, C did not come to shirdi on his bike..should pull his leg for that.. The way the heroine hid the ! That is what people in love do. Amazing close to life yet so lovely !! Many such things...but only a few to divulge in public :)

The director knows that everyone who have had such experiences would have a spark in their eyes but would never share with others that they were there too...No would tell you what all creepy and shady stuff they did for their love. But, they can very well connect to the scene and subject.

Next time when you make a movie Aish, please have a happy ending !! Else, your direction was good.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Everyone in and around Bangalore seem to be working on re-defining hospitality. How i wish it was in the right sense. For some reason, you always pay extra to get your deserved dose of respect in Bangalore. Did you ever try venturing into a moderately fancy place in the simplest of your attire ? Be it for a breakfast or a quick bite, they leave no room to ensure they tell you 'We are not for people like you'...What the #$%^. Who are you to decide if i deserve to be in a place such that or not ? I might sound rude, but hey, you bloody work there, forget about even deserving to be a customer. You can not even afford a meal there. Do i behave ever like what i have written above? Never, because i believe in treating people equally and am a strong believer in respecting people for their dignity and never their social status. Many who work in shops and restaurants just decide that you do not deserve any respect purely because the place is meant only for upmarket gang. What a contradiction to they way people get treated elsewhere. I know what i can afford before getting into a place. I have done my study but sadly no one writes about the staff and their service on their web site. Please put stuff like the below, so that people like me who are willing to try your place, will be convinced that the place is worth a visit.

1. Meant only for people who are beauty queens.
2. We respect and serve people who are willing show their bra strap and panty lace only. Decently dressed ladies are not welcome.
3. If you are planning to get your bike, please do not come to us.
4. We die for fair skinned people. So, if you are a typical south Indian, go abroad to have a decent meal.
5. We detest kids, just because they are yours.
6. We would not have change for people who are not welcome in the above said 5 points.
7. Since we know what the customer likes by their looks, we will not serve fork, spoon, tissue etc. Hey you south indian, cant you use your hand ?
8. We are here to flirt, so if you have a problem with us flirting among st ourselves, do not come by.
9. We tweak the recipe not just because we don't know, also because we think we know better than you. So, leave your brains at home.
10. Finally, we are here for making only money and not serving people like you. You need us, we dont need you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love...and relationship !

Is it what all the younger generation now thinks it is ? Getting cozy and physical ? I beg to defer. I am not that philosophical type who would start shit like 'it is holy' 'pure' and crap like that. Love means a different thing to different people.

Love is not just an emotion; love is a sacrifice which you do willingly. Love is what you do unconditionally to people without any expectation whatsoever. Love is what you are willing to let go to see a smile on the other persons face.

Having said all the above, love is something that does not start in its purest form always. I would like to meet one person who tells me that they loved did not start due to physical or intellectual attraction. In fact, only once you like a person as an individual, you can love them eventually. So, there is certain amount of selfishness that is associated. You love someone only When they satisfy your personal ego.

Whoever wants to tell the society that they dont care about physical aspects should be slapped, the famous 'One Tight Slap' ;)...nothing starts selflessly..I feel even love for a child starts because, they are your blood !! No one loves a chimpanzee and wants to get married to it. So, there is no honesty in such statements. Of course, no one would want to admit such things (except for people like me).

Getting back to the topic of love, most of the younger generation things love is about lust and sex. Love can start with physical attraction, no qualms about it at all. It should just not end at that. That is the message. There is a lot of difference between loving someone for you and loving someone for what they are. The former is selfish, the later is selfless. Of course, i too have loved undeserving people but that was my personal choice..I did it because i liked them back then. It was again my choice and not theirs.

When people fight in a relationship, it is absolutely normal. Their end goal should be to be with each other. If the fight is about boasting on how they are adjusting to you for you, it is wrong. Unconditional love is to fight for being together and not finding a reason to run away from each other. Patience is a virtue, and it is applicable to everything in the world including love.

Patience, Tolerance and Trust are the key to any love story. Have patience to listen to the person, have tolerance to their mistakes, trust them with your heart and soul. There is no looking back :) Love is non-existent in buying gifts, love is there when you are there, when needed, without thinking about ROI....Easy and Simple !