Friday, March 28, 2008

Back into action (along with Roshan)

Okay ! It took me 13 months to get back into action. why 13 months ? he he son is now 13 months old and i have some (more) time for me now...finally !

It was not as hectic as other mothers would crib. Touch wood ! he didn't trouble me in anyways. No issue with sleep, food or adjusting to who was taking care of him mommy requirement round the clock. So, my son behaved like a grown up and well mannered kid right from the beginning. But, i used to feel sad about it sometimes that he never misses/cries when i leave for office/shopping. But, hey ! I am glad he didn't cry and make both our lives miserable. I am guilt free at least.

But now things are changing a little. The moment i pick up my bag, he knows i am planning to leave. All he wants is to come and wave me a bye and honk once (only once).

He wants to eat from my plate and knows when the food is over. He wants to watch 'Krishna' on POGO. He loves ad's. He loves to stand on his on and look at me with that victorious smile and immediately grab my hand out of fear of falling down. All this is so sweet. I wish i had a chance to blog all that happened in these 13 months. I do have it all in my heart...would pour it out one day.

Roshan (okay ! thats his name) can say 'amma' 'taatha' 'anna' and 'paappa' but not 'appa' :-( That really worries me. His dad has a big crib about it. Now i heard him say something like 'nice' and 'phish' once or twice..but not 'appa' but he likes to 'daadaa'...may be my husband has to adjust with 'dada' :-)


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