Monday, September 04, 2006

Tiruda Tiruda

I happened to watch the tamil movie "Tiruda Tiruda"..After 13 years. I watched it when going for a movie with family was a big deal for us. Not for the money, but for the mood swings of people.

I still remember that it was one of the first music cassettes i bought for 40/-..Man ! 40 bucks was a lot of money and it had this fancy cover in plastic with the lyrics printed. That whole experience of buying it was amazing. There is a story associated with that as well. Me and my classmate Sharmila had gone to buy the cassette. My assumption was that it would be 25/-, but to my dismay that guy did not have the 25/- but had only the hi-fi 40/- cassette. I had to borrow 15/- rupees from her and since it was the first time i ever borrowed money from anyone, i couldnt quite enjoy the music till i returned the money back to her.

And i did get nicely from my Grandmother for having borrowed money for a cassette. It was a Saturday evening and i was so impressed by the songs that i couldnt wait till Monday to buy it. I knew i would get it from Grand mom and i was literally shivering when i went home. I could not and would not hide anything from her. The first thing i need to do after i go home was to tell her all that happened in school. After all, she was my best friend.

Then coming to the actual movie, its a quite enjoyable movie. Full of comedy. Prasanth looks half of what he is now. Its a good to watch movie. When i watched it for the first time, i felt Anu Agarwal was fat, but now i felt she was okay..May be its because my definition of FAT has CHANGED quite a bit.. :-)) SPB is too good. I had watched it with my mom this time, and there is a scene in which SPB's wife is threatening him that she would divorce him if he doesnt come back from leave. Coincidence that my husband is out of town from the past 4 months and my mom had to pull my leg. She was saying that "SPB wife is quite similar to you, you too keep threatening him always".. phew...

Then the rocks..I enjoy it the same way i enjoyed it for the first time.. I just love the song "Thee thee tittikum thee..", its awesome. Infact its a very bold song visually, okay okay..It was, as i was 13 years younger then.

It was the first south indian movie that even had the mention of a Computer access card and ARR was in complete form then. ARR, please come back to the way you were man ! I miss hearing such songs from you.

If you enjoy watching a Tamil movie and understand tamil to some extent, do watch it.


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