Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

1. I am happy today because had the most wonderful time@ office :)
2. My team floored me with an amazing gift. If i tell you what it is, you will brand me. So, am not telling ya..
3. I made the perfect french fries ever. Awesome and Crispy yummm :)
4. I just realized that one of the investments that i did not make was a boon in disguise.
5. Read a blog post which made me smile away..
6. Watched a sweet short film on facebook and mighty impressed with it.
7. I was not upset for the first time (strangely) that the kid did not get any '*' in his homework. Does it really matter ?
8. Some deals have finally come to a conclusion...Atlast..TG !
9. Met an old friend and there was an instant spark and gossip :)
10. R was awake when i got home and gave me the tightest hug possible, followed by 'I missed you' and he really meant it.


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