Friday, August 05, 2011

When it is time

you just need to go. When i posted about how will i know if am there yet, i did not realize that people and the process around will ensure you understand very well when it is time for you to go. They do not spare a tiny bit of opportunity to stress on the fact that they are done with you, you are no longer needed and that it is in the best interest of you and your self respect that you go.
Everything around you reminds you of how all that good feedback becomes irrelevant and un-important as no one cares.

Lesson learnt is to not give a damn about anything or anyone and do what you want to do and what your priorities are. Understand that no one cares about you more than themselves, and you are an idiot if you are not giving yourself preference over others and their issues. Now, don't ask me if i was being an Idiot. I hate to admit it, but yes, i was being an idiot :(

Please my dear blog, i am not ranting about this above said fact. I have learnt a lesson and i am documenting it so that next time when i want to say good bye to something, i will read this post and not get sentimental about it. If i start getting upset about sly people who are sick and take pride in lying and cheating others, i do not think I can remain insane for long :)

Whatever it is, it is time to GO...for GOOD :)


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