Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First day of school

20th May was roshans first day of school....no tears, no tantrums, but all smiles. This is what
i would describe the first day. Me and C were waiting outside the school for him to come out.
It was really sad to see all those crying and wailing kids. Felt terrible looking at them...... The school does not allow parents inside the class, they dont even let you peek through. I was pretty pissed off with that rule. How do you expect kids as small as 2 yrs old to walk straight into a class room and forget their parents in a jiffy....B*** S***....

But the story did not continue for long, in a week, roshan somehow did not like going to school.
Yesterday, he held my maids hand tightly and pleaded, i dnt want to go....my heart sank when she told me that. I was feeling very sad....Need to find the root cause behind it......Until then, i will feel restless.....


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