Sunday, June 04, 2006

Crazy reality show

I was watching this reality show on TV and was really amazed by the crazy concepts that can get into only American brains...

how can one guy date 10 gals and then decide who he thinks is best for him ? that too when all the girls know that the guy is going out the others too ???? Infact all these girls try to impress that guy a lot by doing all sort of things..Let us not get to that now !

How come people leave their brians in the safety deposit of a bank to participate in such a silly and stupid show...

Funny part of all this drama is that when the guy has to eliminate a girl he talks about her for 2 ! those 2 minutes are hilarious...As usual our top floor vacant hero, does not know what he does not like in the girl that he had to rejected her !

Thanks to "Star World" for this wonderful program !


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