Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Finding my nemo...

Hmm.... I know how much effort nemo's dad put to get nemo back. But, do u know how much effort i had to put to get my nemo back ? I meant the DVD.. Okay here is the story.

I love the movie 'Finding nemo' and have watched it atleast 100 times. We had a lovely neighbout with three daughters. The younger one was very fond of me and was with us most of the time..used to call me 'lappi aunty' as he cant say 'lakshmi' and my husband was 'unkoo' and not 'uncle' :-). Her name was tamanna and she is my favourite kid ...ofcourse after my own son.

So, tamanna always loved to watch this movie. The moment she steps into my house, she would say 'fish daalo' (play the movie). Everyday ! Man, she watched it everyday...Atleast for 10 mins. So, one day i had given it it her to take it to her house to watch and her mom had taken it along with her to Hyderabad. After they came back we realized that she has forgotten it there. So, after a few phone calls, they traced the DVD and it was couriered to us. I am very posessive about my music CD's and DVD's and my neighbour knew it well. So, lost and found.

One day one my colleagues wanted to watch the movie. She took and returned it back. That particular day, on my way back home, i went to fabmall for buying some stuff. Had left my lunch bag which had the DVD as well at the counter. I happily forgot to collect it and went home. After three days i realized that my lunch box was missing (okay okay, i didnt cook for three days). So, my assumption was that anyway the box would stink, why would i need it. So, 2 more days went by. Then Tamanna came back from her vacation and coorg and as usual the first request is to play the movie. I jumped out of the couch. Oh my God ! The lunch bag had the DVD. I ran to grab my bike keys realizing a little that i was in my oldest and unpressed dress with uncombed hair..Thanks god i had brused atleast :-)...

I went running up the stairs and was like 'i had come here 1 week back. Left my lunch bag...' full story. Didnt tell him the DVD was there as i thought that he might flick the DVD and just give me the bag which i was least interested in. Then he said that someone had collected it and he dosent know where that person is. Can you believe it ? I waited there for 2 hrs to locate that person. Meanwhile am pretty sure the entire jayamahal customers of fabmall have assumed that i was a beggar and had i waited for soemmore time they would offered me money :-(

The person came and he was very wise. He said 'madam, your box was stinking. I threw it away and here is your bag with the DVD'..At that moment i was least bothered about my tupperware lunch box that he threw away..under normal circumstances, i would have killed anyone who would use/set eye on my lunch box..Yes. As all women do, i love TUPPERWARE. So, here comes my nemo DVD....I thanked all my stars and god for getting it back to me. By the time i came back home my husband had convinced Tamanna that nemo was dead and wont come back. He went and got her a real fish :-))

Poor thing she was crying badly for Nemo. She saw me entering the house and asked 'Aunty, pish aa gaya ?" and i just told her "HAMARA NEMO MIL GAYA" :-)


Blogger Sunshinemom said...

Enjoyed reading this post very much! Tammanna reminds me of my own neighbour's extra chubby 3yr old who keeps telling me - 'Hanni Aunty, mere photo'? or 'Bum bum boley daalo naa'!

6:58 AM  
Blogger ViswaPrabha വിശ്വപ്രഭ said...

Dear Naagurinchi,

Thank you so much for joining the solidarity at Black Week Against Web criminals!

Your blog too has been linked here.

2:01 AM  
Blogger Devi Priya said...

Writing is a gift, and with expressions... very well written. Coming to kids they are cute any which way you see them!

2:51 AM  
Blogger Andhra Flavors said...

chala baavundi mi post. you have very impresive blog I would like see in my blog.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Naagurinchi said...

Thanks for your encouraging words guys !

3:31 PM  
Blogger ViswaPrabha | വിശ്വപ്രഭ said...

Even after almost four years, the blog posts live on!

It doesn't hurt to rekindle an old post even after so long...!


3:41 PM  
Blogger Naagurinchi said...

@viswa : Yes :) !

4:18 PM  

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