Friday, February 03, 2012

Long time...

since i last posted anything on this site. Off late i have been neglecting a lot of stuff. Partly because i have lesser stuff to worry about (of course apart from my office work). I have a more relaxed and cheerful (touchwood) env around me now...Thanks to a few bold decisions taken after what seemed like forever. The change in a couple of things made me realize one thing, that no one is a bad professional, you are just a bad become bad professional automatically..Thanks to my ex-boss who made me understand that working with him/her was the worst thing that i could do to myself :)

now, back to the good things, i have made a few friends in the new workplace and enjoy time with them. Learning a lot along with a bunch of new folks is always good :) all either understand it or dont he he he.

On personal front, i became the god mother for the cutest baby girl and loved every moment of it. Roshan has become more naughty and i am getting more impatient. Patched up with my long lost sibling and cut off a self centered so-called-friend. Stopped asking C about his return and getting addicted to OS...not a good sign sigh sigh !!! Have a strong urge to smoke after someone mentioned that it is a faster way to lose weight :( am just kidding okay.


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