Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have my own roof now !

Okay ! Not just the roof but the walls and the floor as well. I have bought a place in the air...i mean an apartment. Man ! It took me 7 yrs of working my ass off to buy it. And i am supposed to work for 20 more years to re-pay....What a fun ? I never wanted to buy a house for long. First of all did not want a commitment for so long and second i hate thinking twice about buying anything i like (of course reasonable stuff).Buying a house would put us in some budget mode and i don't like it. My family and friends always used to make fun of me that i don't care about the future and my kid and all shit. I used give them a cold expressionless look and then smile...That would drive them crazy.

But this time around, i got a nice deal and it was fairly closer (okay ! 1.5 kms is closer) to the place where i work and i can see the tech park from my balcony. Though this is not my dream house, i was happy with it. My dream house should be built from scratch under my supervision and design. i want a nice piece of land where i can grow my veggies and flowers. I can cook with them and okay okay ! Its some 5 years down the line :) Let us wait till then ! Shall we ?

One thing is done which paves way for the other. I dont know whats next. Atleast this time around, i think i will learn to drive and buy a car for myself. Dont laugh at me :(....i dont know to drive. Of course, am a modern women who can drive my husband crazy, but not a car. Husbands are easier to drive (crazy/away) when compared with a car....This is what is called as 'Fourwheelerophobia'.. (applicable only to driving and not traveling).


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