Friday, March 09, 2012

Big boy...

The kid completed 5 on 25-Feb and trust me, he was excited so much about his b'day that i was surprised. He never used to care about b'day until a while ago. But, this time he knew exactly what cake he wants and what color shirt he would wear. My heart sank to think that he is growing or honestly speaking out-growing the kiddie character :)..but as for all mothers, he will always remain a kiddo to me. We had a small celebration in the apt and all the kids attended. R enjoyed every bit of that day.

Surprise of the day was the battery operated car his dad got for him. He had some trouble operating it for the first 10 mins. Then, like all men, he took to it like fish to water. He was reversing with utmost control and perfection in no time...He drives like a true professional now. I am so proud. I guess like women possess love, affection and care by birth, my honest and strong opinion is that men possess driving or all motor skills by birth (it is one of the skills that am highlighting). Anyway, we had a nice party and not just us, but all the people who attended had fun. Task well accomplished !


Blogger Sandeepa Nadahalli said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to the Kid :-)


4:34 PM  
Blogger Naagurinchi said...

Thanks dude !

3:13 PM  

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