Friday, December 05, 2008

Who is hotter ;) ?

It is 12.33 midnight, and i am watching 'Singh is king'.. oogling at the most hot guy ! Everyone said Akki was hot, but i truly feel sonu sood is really really hot. Where were you guy ? I had noticed him in one of the most silly roles in 'Chandramukhi', and had lot of hopes for him..Sonu, please dont sign on movies with rajshri man. You are the next property of hollywood. Do some macho stuff. Salmans and SRK will beg for their place if you get the right kind of break. I am going to get one poster of him soon :)

But i sure must admit that Akki did look extremely cool in the 'singh is king' track. He redefines the coolness quitient when he lifts his hand in the air and declares to the whole world that he is 'THE KING' ;)


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