Friday, May 28, 2010

My 2 cents on ruchika's case

Ok...the entire nation and many parts of the world know the ruchika case and all other details. As in all criminal cases, this too did not capture my attention...even when mr.rathore was attacked by a man outside the court. But, once the HC declared that his jail term be extended to 1.5 yrs, i got curious....ok... u can call me a lazy bum...go ahead..

Now, if what is put in this link is true, then why should the Indian judicial system even consider thinking of this beast, his age, his personal commitments and un-wedded daughter and her future ? Why ? Did he think once before he did all that was said to ruchika ? I am not a feminist. I am not saying this because he did it to a girl. He did all the damage he could, to a family. Think of the trauma the father and the brother had to go through. It reminded me of some real cruel tamil/hindi movies in which such incidents take place. In reality, i cry when i watch such movies. I just could not bear the very thought of someone actually going through all this.

If i were in ruchika's situation, probably after realizing that not one soul would step forward to help me/my family, i would have resorted to the same thing.......All the bullshit about let us fight and wait for justice does not work in a country like ours where rape victims are verbally raped in the court until they give up and let go. There is no fas track justice. There is NO justice in most cases. How many big shots/ their kith/kin got framed for criminal charges and were prosecuted ? to my knowledge, not many until recent few years. That too mainly due to media pressure and not with the clean intention to actually award justice to the people deserved.

This is not a good way to start my weekend (well, almost)....but, the heading in today's TOI was that some big shot female and her family got acquainted due to lack of evidence....i could not believe that the judicial system would get any better than the other cases in the past and actually get them to terms with their sin or whatever.


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