Monday, January 19, 2009

New year 2009 !!!!

We are already 19 days into the new year 2009... How fast and before i would realize, we would be in year 2010 :) ... I had a decent start of the year. No great celebrations, but with a simple prayer to keep everyone in good health and spirit. My husband was traveling on the night of 31st Dec 2008, so i was a little tense. Till he reached home at 2.34 in the morning, i was anxious and tense. But, once he came, he took my son to the beach. I had no energy left to get ready. Mr.Roshan however was wide awake and all prepared to jump into the car. We had a restful new year day with lunch ordered from a nice hotel. So, it was day for cards and gambling. We have quiet a spoilt family. We play black jack with money involved. We were victorious as a couple. Managed to get back our investement and made some 160 rupees. Not bad at all. Then we took everyone out for an ice cream that cost us 320, but 160/- is a decent amount to win.

I enjoyed the trip and my son enjoyed the night journey in the train. He was amazed to discover that he can jump and hop and unlike in the car, i wont scream my heads off asking him to sit down. He slept during the return journey, but onwards we were like owls. Thats okay, we did not expect to child to behave well in his first ever over night journey in the train.


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