Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simple joys(?) of life

that used to make you happy are not longer fun. At the same time, things that used to be silly and part of life is all you long for :)

Like i used to love to buy stuff for myself. Shopping was a big thing that i could indulge in only once or twice a year. Birthday celebration was not even considered as it would require moolah !
But now, when i have the money to buy whatever i want no one around to show interest in such things. Even i feel grown up and old :(

Now i long for those long chats with family during a train journey, long walks in the beach, simple dosa treat in 'Ramanas', PEC canteen noodles, bus ride to college, group studies (ha ha ha ! ) and the joy i used to get out of buying a dress worth 200 rupees after searching the whole town for a dress that would fit me, my taste and my moms budget. Those good old days.

I miss the way my mother and aunts would line us up to walk to the beach some 1.5 kms from my grandparents house. The treat was a cone ice cream (yummy ! nothing can beat this...even Häagen-Dazs®) on the way back home. That was a neat trick to stop us from doing any mischief. We used to be like no-one-can-be-as-good-as-me kids. Well behaved. The only that that has changed now is that, no one makes me walk that much for the ice cream any more. We go have the ice cream along with my 2 yr old son and relish it. Nothing has changed, the shop, the owner, the ambience, the best - the taste. Only the price has been hiked from 10/- to 15/-.

I miss the way i used to wait for my ammumma to preapre sambhar. Being from a andhrite family, sambhar was not a frequenter on the list. It was once a fortnight thingy. I used to literally drink it up for lunch, dinner and breakfast the following day. But now, i am married into a Tamilian family and Sambhar has become twice a week affair. Also, the person who makes it has changed, and the taste too. I miss the taste of your sambhar ammumma :(

Hindi songs were such a rarity. Chitrahaar and Rangoli...Oh my god ! i used to wait for them... But now, my son is so much addicted to '9xM' a music channel that i detest the hindi songs the most. But i still love the language, i am kind of bugged watching the same old hindi songs again and again. Now due to the accessability factor, they dont excite me anymore :)


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