Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love...and relationship !

Is it what all the younger generation now thinks it is ? Getting cozy and physical ? I beg to defer. I am not that philosophical type who would start shit like 'it is holy' 'pure' and crap like that. Love means a different thing to different people.

Love is not just an emotion; love is a sacrifice which you do willingly. Love is what you do unconditionally to people without any expectation whatsoever. Love is what you are willing to let go to see a smile on the other persons face.

Having said all the above, love is something that does not start in its purest form always. I would like to meet one person who tells me that they loved did not start due to physical or intellectual attraction. In fact, only once you like a person as an individual, you can love them eventually. So, there is certain amount of selfishness that is associated. You love someone only When they satisfy your personal ego.

Whoever wants to tell the society that they dont care about physical aspects should be slapped, the famous 'One Tight Slap' ;)...nothing starts selflessly..I feel even love for a child starts because, they are your blood !! No one loves a chimpanzee and wants to get married to it. So, there is no honesty in such statements. Of course, no one would want to admit such things (except for people like me).

Getting back to the topic of love, most of the younger generation things love is about lust and sex. Love can start with physical attraction, no qualms about it at all. It should just not end at that. That is the message. There is a lot of difference between loving someone for you and loving someone for what they are. The former is selfish, the later is selfless. Of course, i too have loved undeserving people but that was my personal choice..I did it because i liked them back then. It was again my choice and not theirs.

When people fight in a relationship, it is absolutely normal. Their end goal should be to be with each other. If the fight is about boasting on how they are adjusting to you for you, it is wrong. Unconditional love is to fight for being together and not finding a reason to run away from each other. Patience is a virtue, and it is applicable to everything in the world including love.

Patience, Tolerance and Trust are the key to any love story. Have patience to listen to the person, have tolerance to their mistakes, trust them with your heart and soul. There is no looking back :) Love is non-existent in buying gifts, love is there when you are there, when needed, without thinking about ROI....Easy and Simple !


Blogger Sandeepa Nadahalli said...

Good one Lakshmi. Liked it a lot.

Keep writing.


2:01 PM  
Blogger Naagurinchi said...

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12:27 PM  
Blogger Naagurinchi said...

Thanks Sandeepa !

12:27 PM  

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