Friday, May 11, 2012

Movie review '3'

I like it. I loved the way Aishwarya Dhanush took the story. But, why portray Dhanush as mentally imbalanced even this time...Is he that way in reality too ? I guess not !

Movie is simple. Two people totally in love, everything works for them. Everything falls in place, there is money, love, lust, good life, support from parents. But still, things can go wrong. when you have an issue, share it with your partner. you might be causing more damage by not telling than actually sharing it with the partner.

There are many things i watched and had a smile..The exact way i used to search for a PCO booth to talk to C when my mom was around...All those lies i used to make up to get 2 mins of me time with him..Not that she will disapprove, but she did not know what was happening and i didn't want to tell her until he was sure. There was an incident when we went to shirdi and i had to make these shitty excuses to go out and make a call. I could not get through and was worried the whole way back. Same reaction....of course, C did not come to shirdi on his bike..should pull his leg for that.. The way the heroine hid the ! That is what people in love do. Amazing close to life yet so lovely !! Many such things...but only a few to divulge in public :)

The director knows that everyone who have had such experiences would have a spark in their eyes but would never share with others that they were there too...No would tell you what all creepy and shady stuff they did for their love. But, they can very well connect to the scene and subject.

Next time when you make a movie Aish, please have a happy ending !! Else, your direction was good.


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