Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Can we hurt our kids ?

Yes we can. If someone who hits their kids get jailed, so should many of the people around us. Hurting just does not mean causing physical damage. What about all those brainless banter from unhappy grandparents that gets into the kids mind and heart ? what about the constant arguments the parents have in front of the kid all the time ? Dont they cause any harm to the child and his future ? What a shame. We fail to recognize that the bullying kid around the corner or the taunting next door neighbour all cause so much mental stress that we are what we are today. We can not give a clean environment to our kids to grow up. Am not asking everyone to be just nice. If hitting is punishable, so is causing mental trauma. And not to forget those shitty teachers and relatives who take immense pleasure in comparing your marks, manners and what not..and this does not just end at school or home, it continues you like your shadow. The kids are constantly and consistently being harassed one way or the other.And all we do is talk about the parents who hit their kid and have been jailed with disgust. Let us try not to hurt their hearts, their childhood innocence and their unconditional love, then we shall talk about physical abuse....


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