Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baahubali...why i hate it ....

I am proud of my country and its heritage...but i am never proud of the fact that we plan to compete with the world with stupid things...look we made a movie to match the Hollywood...BIG DEAL..Who cares ? Can we compete for the following and then feel proud to widen our chest in Pride ?? Infrastructure, safety for woman, clean environment, Clean drinking water, pollution free and stress free life, open minded culture..Hygiene to top them all...the day we achieve all these let us celebrate and i will sell all i have and treat anybody and everybody regardless..When an Indian becomes CEO, we proclaim that India has arrived..but did it ever strike someone that there are more Sundar Pichais hidden in India and they are constantly undermined and overshadowed by caste/creed based politics in office ? Of couse IT is not a place immune to this shit..We all are Indian abide by the rule of let us show partiality because he speaks the same language, he is from same place and hey btw, he is my caste too..all this happens polished and professional manner..The day we conquer all our basic problems, we can build an Statue taller than SOL and make movies bigger than Avatar and send missions to Mars..Until then, concentrate on making India a developed and successful nation. Watching movies makes people happy, but our happiness should not end there. We need to think of it as an entertainment only and not makes its success our success...until then, this aunty acid shall wait :D


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