Saturday, August 06, 2016 cup of tea !

Hmmmm...been quite a while and honestly, there are many things that happened in life and did not have enough energy to capture all...but lot of stuff in the drafts...

Why is honesty so important ? obviously dumb question...but to me that is what determines why i will never look upto the person again if there is a slight doubt on their honesty. It could be a maid asking for leave by the way of a fabricated story, which is also not i have become slightly better where i confront her. And everyone is strictly ordered, you want to sleep a while longer and bunk, absolutely fine with me, but just be honest. Do not lie. and fortunately unfortunately, i can figure it out pretty easily...

I have always been brutally honest all my life and got badly burnt as well as i believe in standing by what i say. I had a terrible 3 years at work just because i worked with a psycho and i was blunt about expressing my opinion about that person. I have always gone out of my way to speak for people who cant speak for themselves as i was in the right forum. I have many times recommended for promotions even when the person did not work for me, because i was honest about what i felt about the person. on the same hand, never ever liked people who are opportunistic, sly and dis-honest.

What do u do when someone close to you lies to you ? It could be a harmless lie, but should it hurt you ? A trivial lie is worse than a bigger one, as you are never going to believe that person ever again...Do you take it in the positive way, see the rationale behind it, or beat the shit out of the person and label them disloyal ? Do you give them a scope for error as they are close to you ? I never handled lies in person life so far. Does it not make you doubt the existence of your whole bond with the person ? What were they thinking. And that too when you lie to a person who can catch them like breeze and you are aware of the fact ? Do you feel that the person thinks you are dumb :) or will forgive taking the advantage of your relationship. It could be as simple as a phone call, but a lie is a lie is a lie. Is lying really so harmless ????


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