Monday, July 16, 2007

Atlast am at it...

I have made up my mind to lose some..okay okay not some but a lot
of weight..i need to do it. Over the weekend it struck me that i
will never be able to run/play/jump with Roshan (my son)..i am
overweight by 18 kgs and its time i lost it....Today will be the
first day of my effort and let me see how things go..i know all
the crap to avoid all that i need to eat and all i would have to
do...but, my laziness and pregnancy kept me away from them..

I have made up my mind to put in a sincere effort to reduce
my dress size my 2 numbers in 3 months. I just hope that
i continue this with the same determination as i started off..

Wish me luck..