Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mandira the Moron

I hate some people, just because they exist, and Mandira bedi is
one such soul. I had some hope left on the Indian visual media, but
after looking at the way she handles the extraaaa innings with her
extraaaaaaaaa revealing clothes, i have to conclude that they suck.
If she thought that she looked pretty in the awful tank top she was
totally wrong. She was looking yucky.

Is it really necessary to have a bloody brainless stupid female, who knows little about cricket when compared with skin show on this purely cricket oriented chat show ???? Cant we get one of our indian womens cricket team members who can pass sensible comments ? Her dress was so horrible, okay, let me be blunt, if charu sharma bednds over her, he could look at everything.. i mean it. Forget about that, the kind of lousy comments she passes, and the way she giggles, i feel Ms.Rai is much better in her public appearances.

The other woman professional should have felt more embarassing than the entire women of India put together. There was such a contrast, this one was wearing almost nothing and she was so decently dressed. man ! we should teach Mandira some dressing tips. Ofcourse, all the men of the nation would love to see her like that, but isnt there a limit ?

I do agree that some amount of glamour quotient is required, but didnt we watch matches when she wasnt there ? Didnt india go crazy when Sachin hit a six or Jadeja did some cute little thing on the field ? Didnt we enjoy it more when fully clad commentators passed sensible and apt comments in the past ? Where is harsha bhogle ? I like him 1000% more than charu and mandira !

Mallika Sherawat was more dressed in the all her movies that this lousy female. You know, i have seen so many programs which are meant for skin show. But, my point here is rather than making the show more glamorous and sexy, shouldnt SET try to make it more enjoyable and sensible. For gods sake, its a cricket chat show.