Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life is never unfair !

Sometimes we just feel that life is so unfair to us. The way i was feeling from the past few days. There is always something or the other that makes u feel like u have the most crappy life anyone ever had. But, the truth is, unless u start looking at the lives of others, u never know how fair life has been to you. God has been very kind to me in a lot of ways. Of course, i had my shares of bitterness, but, still. The whole of yesterday i was feeling stupid, silly, frustrated and very very low in self esteem. I was even wondering what would happen to me, my life, my kid, my family and all shit. Blaming N number of people for screwing up my day and my peace. Then i went back home, sat in a room all by myself. Someone once told me (a HR guy), people will screw your life only as much as u want them to screw it. So, why give them a chance. If you want to screw it, do the honors and screw it yourself.

Then i put down on paper all that i have accomplished and all that life gave me. I was so happy that i have a husband to bear with me, a house to live in, resources enough to feed and take care of me till they or i live. I guess its fine. Life has been very fair to me. I have a career and pay that i never even dreamt of. I have a lovely baby who loves me as much as i love him.

Why crib that life denied me certain things, when all i need to see is the positive side of things and grasp what is necessary :)