Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Everyone in and around Bangalore seem to be working on re-defining hospitality. How i wish it was in the right sense. For some reason, you always pay extra to get your deserved dose of respect in Bangalore. Did you ever try venturing into a moderately fancy place in the simplest of your attire ? Be it for a breakfast or a quick bite, they leave no room to ensure they tell you 'We are not for people like you'...What the #$%^. Who are you to decide if i deserve to be in a place such that or not ? I might sound rude, but hey, you bloody work there, forget about even deserving to be a customer. You can not even afford a meal there. Do i behave ever like what i have written above? Never, because i believe in treating people equally and am a strong believer in respecting people for their dignity and never their social status. Many who work in shops and restaurants just decide that you do not deserve any respect purely because the place is meant only for upmarket gang. What a contradiction to they way people get treated elsewhere. I know what i can afford before getting into a place. I have done my study but sadly no one writes about the staff and their service on their web site. Please put stuff like the below, so that people like me who are willing to try your place, will be convinced that the place is worth a visit.

1. Meant only for people who are beauty queens.
2. We respect and serve people who are willing show their bra strap and panty lace only. Decently dressed ladies are not welcome.
3. If you are planning to get your bike, please do not come to us.
4. We die for fair skinned people. So, if you are a typical south Indian, go abroad to have a decent meal.
5. We detest kids, just because they are yours.
6. We would not have change for people who are not welcome in the above said 5 points.
7. Since we know what the customer likes by their looks, we will not serve fork, spoon, tissue etc. Hey you south indian, cant you use your hand ?
8. We are here to flirt, so if you have a problem with us flirting among st ourselves, do not come by.
9. We tweak the recipe not just because we don't know, also because we think we know better than you. So, leave your brains at home.
10. Finally, we are here for making only money and not serving people like you. You need us, we dont need you.