Friday, July 29, 2011

What is wrong

with me ? I mean, it is only 5.51 AM on a Friday and am up, with hair oiled, teeth brushed and already typing to post a blog. 5.51 AM was never a time for me to wake up at all. I guess my body is so used to getting only 5 hours of sleep that no matter how late i sleep, i wake up exactly after 5 hours. This is the issue that needs more attention right now.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sick..of being sick

I am....truely am sick of being sick...Sinusitis is not a good thing to inherit from mom's. Anyway, there are advantages and disadvantages of being sick. You get to stay at home, Drop and pick the kid from school and watch as much TV as you want (of course only till the kid returns from school). You can cook...okay, am sick, that does not mean i am bed ridden. I love to cook and cooking relaxes my mind and soul. I can prepare fresh snacks for the kid as well. Can call people whom you never bothered wish on birthdays and anniversaries. Chat with friends over skype/gtalk/facebook/whatever. You can sleep in the afternoon and wake up 6.45 PM and no one bothers you :)..and above all, you need not goto office and do any work...hurray !!! Dont ask me, if i missed the last one...nope ! I did not at all...

Disadvantages: after 2 days, the kid wants you out of the house, forces you into an auto and waves a happy good bye (finally, got rid of mom! kind of bye...).I am not paranoid about taking medicine, but do not make me do the steam inhalation, i hate that stuff. I can not go and sit in the balcony to watch my bitter gourd creeper in full bloom. I can not sleep holding the kids sick you know, i cant give him a hug :( and worst, i can not wash my hair..Bloody hell ! I do not like that...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am there yet ???

The question currently lingering in my mind is this....I am there yet ? When do we get answers for all these ? Does someone need to tell me the answers is the first question to ask myself...I think i have had enough...and do not need someone to tell me that...