Friday, December 04, 2009

Tamil or Telugu or Hindi or English

Hmmmm...... i have to think in all these 4 languages while talking to different people who are part of my in-different life. As a child i always used to dream of a telugu guy who loves 'ghatasala' songs and would hum them like my mother. Then when i got a hang of hindi songs and my love for north indian music (thats what it used to be called), i wanted some one who enjoys all the qawwali's ghajals and other stuff. This strong affinity for telugu and hindi continued for the next couple of years. Suddenly one day i heard the tamil song 'ilaya nila...' and i was head over heels for Raja sir !
He is the musical arguments about it (not even remote). Then i started loving the combo of SPB and Ilayaraja.......After marrying a tamil guy who does not follow much hindi songs or knows of any existence of any telugu songs, i got to know the wonderful treasures in tamil music. Can you believe it when i say i never like MJ earlier ? But, my husband can kill me in exchange of an MJ album :(. Now i stared to appreciate English songs and their music. Now i love a lot of English classics and MJ songs (too late i guess).

Coming to to initial topic, i am impartial to all these 4 languages. A good song in any language is appreciated. Roshan is getting trained on the same in his fathers absence. I want him to love all the songs and movies i like and enjoy watching again and again and again. He should love Geetanjali + Sound of music + DDLJ + Tiruda tiruda...... :)