Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Kini and Co...

Navneet Kini and Co..I am totally impressed by their service and professionalism...There are few who actually underplay their knowledge and explain to you with utmost clarity and sincerity and that even for someone like me who does not want to understand the tax rules, things look clear and clean. I would recommend them for the following

1. Professionalism
2. Sensible amount they charge
3. People friendliness
4. Competence
5. Ambiance of the place

They are located at

Friday, February 03, 2012

Why do women get the credit always ?

I just dont understand that part. Why is woman the innocent and harmless and non-guilty side of all stories ? Can a woman not be cruel and criminal ? I just dont understand..Infact, many a times women are the crappiest and cruelest human beings one can see. If there is a break up the blame always goes to the man. Why is that so ? Can man be the only one having an affair and cheating on the girl ? What kind of fairness is this???

Women can also be so self centered and selfish. I am not trying to do some gender bias here and am not a feminist at all (you should have got it by now !). Are women really the weaker and the innocent side ? Naaahhh...Not at all :|

Long time...

since i last posted anything on this site. Off late i have been neglecting a lot of stuff. Partly because i have lesser stuff to worry about (of course apart from my office work). I have a more relaxed and cheerful (touchwood) env around me now...Thanks to a few bold decisions taken after what seemed like forever. The change in a couple of things made me realize one thing, that no one is a bad professional, you are just a bad person...you become bad professional automatically..Thanks to my ex-boss who made me understand that working with him/her was the worst thing that i could do to myself :)

now, back to the good things, i have made a few friends in the new workplace and enjoy time with them. Learning a lot along with a bunch of new folks is always good :)..you all either understand it or dont he he he.

On personal front, i became the god mother for the cutest baby girl and loved every moment of it. Roshan has become more naughty and i am getting more impatient. Patched up with my long lost sibling and cut off a self centered so-called-friend. Stopped asking C about his return and getting addicted to OS...not a good sign sigh sigh !!! Have a strong urge to smoke after someone mentioned that it is a faster way to lose weight :( am just kidding okay.