Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rays of sunshine....

Atlast, i seem to see them not too far away from me.... the most special person on earth is slowly coming back to normal and the ray of smile is the ray of sunshine for me.....i know the lips are dried, eyes are full of tears and body not co-operating much, but still, the small ray of hope and strength is what is making me feel more confident and cheerful.

I have started to be the old self, and that is making her happy..... Its kind of a chain reaction. The kid is also surprised that mom is what she was earlier. Good stuff.

on a low key, i own a new vehicle....main reason to invest so much and buy it is to ensure that my dear one is able to travel comfortably when around. Thanks to DH for ensuring that things are balanced. I really owe a big one to you. Anything for you....anytime.... Love you !