Wednesday, February 06, 2013

India Heals ???

Is it ? Really ?? I find it quite amusing when people esp celebrities flock to india to mend their broken hearts and shattered happiness. What makes it more funny is that they go back all healed up. Now, everyone assumes india has that magic, but looks to me like there is no such thing. India does not heal anyone...the people ensure they heal themselves. Let me explain a bit here..If india was that heaven everyone was searching for to make one happy, how come the majority in India is un-happy. How come we dont find peace and harmony is what we do and what we have ? how come we have more crimes and clutter all around us ? India does not have anything remotely miraculous. It is just that the so called folks from distant land which has all basic facilities and infrastructure come here for solace. Then they look around and realize that what they are crying for is far more minuscule than what they have back home. They realize that they have 100 times better life and way of life when compared to India and its people. Then they kneel down before god, say a silent prayer to god and go back all content and happy that they are far more privileged and blessed to have what they have..The heartbreak they came with looks silly, the trauma they always thought only they had, looks nothing in front of what a common man in india has to do to get what he wants to live a basic life...So, India does not heal...India is a hell..

P.S : It is not that i don't like my country, i don't like the way it is right now..