Thursday, July 27, 2006

HeartBeat and about French version of Goddess Lakshmi....

I was watching a Program called as "HeartBeat" on StarOne last night. You need to answer certain question and depending on your biological state, they give you a count of hearbeats that you have, to answer that question. You stay calm and get as more heartbeats...dont ask me how.. i missed that part of the program..

Okay. Yesterdays participant was Mini Mathur. She was looking really nice. Kept her cool. She had her brother Sonu and husband Kabir helping her over the phone. She got the first question correct. The question was about the languages that are there on the currency note. She had won 10 Lakhs..The second question was about the popular brands names after mythological characters.

The list goes like this...actually i remember only the following 8 out of 10 ( poor memory).

1. Samsonite
2. Canon
3. Nokia
4. Dabur
5. Horlicks
6. Lakme
7. Mazda
8. Adidas

At first she had excluded Lakme from her answer. But she had one chance to correct herself (which is a bonus). Her brother Soonu called her and said that Lakme is the French version of Lakshmi..Mini, i guess was puzzled.. she was like "soonu..lakshmi is money..the goddess of money ??? " ...and her brother was really really irritated..He gave her a tiny blasting by saying "Come on ya..zab hum unke gods ko le sakte hain, toh woh kyon hain??"..

This brought a smile on my face..TRUE..why cant they take our gods ?

Yeah ! and she had won the second round as well, but decided to quit as a true satisfied person (non-greedy i would say).

Okay, i learnt two things from this show..

1. The contemporary indian currency note contains the value of the note in "Konkani" as well.[ I always thought/heard that konkani did not have a written form]
2. Lakme is the French version of "Lakshmi"...

So, i was not wrong 15 years ago, when i used to call myself "Lakme" instead of Lakshmi..see, i had so much of wisdom as a kid ;-)

Monday, July 24, 2006

What kind of a drug are you ????

Your Personality Is Like Heroin

You're capable of the highest highs and the lowest lows.
Addicted to feeling good, you'll do almost anything to avoid pain.
People seek you out, even though you can be quite moody. They're hooked on you!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Permit to booze??????

I got this just 5 minutes back..Once upon a time you needed an
"Permit" to booze in Maharashtra. The Permit goes like

"Beewde ka naam" :
"Beewde ke baap ka naam":

which translates to "Sharaabi ka naam", "Sharaabi ke baap ka naam"..

And people would still take the Permit to booze...Interesting isn't it??

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What is important in ones LIFE???

What is more important in life ? Money, fame (which obviously comes along with money) or peace of mind.

I happened to read a article put up by a desperate working women. She says they (her husband and herslef) save 60K per month in india. She was not satisfied with that and pestered her husband to goto the US. Her husband is a sentimental soul (according to her, a fool). Because of this he misses her and their 3 year old baby a lot. He insists that she take a break from work for 10 months and come over to be there. The lady is really really pissed off that all her future plans are getting spoilt and her career will be affected. Please note that these guys own some x number of houses in BLR..That should give you a insight of their financial status. Okay...Let me come to the point. The lady wants a divorce from her husband because of this..Does that sound funny??? ITS NOT.

This is the typical urban mentality i have been noticing off late. Is money and career all that you need in your God damn life ??? Pardon my language! But i pity that lady.

Sit for a while and think about that lady, and you would really really laugh at her. This behaviour is because on simple thing..YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. Money does not give you happiness. The lady in this scenario has loads of money, but, is not happy because of her greed. Who would hate a husband who says dont worry, i will take care of the Finances, be cool and take a break??? Thanks to GOD that i have one like that.

People in the urban society are constantly looking at others, to be precise, richer people and take that as a goal in their lifetime to buy a Skoda/build a house. Come on!

Imagine you having all the money and riches in the world and have no one to enjoy that with you...Scary isnt it? What would you do with all that??????

People who dont have emotional security are the poorest in this World. Why do you think all the Film stars and Models have emotional issues. Because they are constantly looking at others and feeling insecure. They dont have anyone to trust by their side.They dont have a shoulder to lean upon.

All of us who have loving parents/Friends/Family should be happy that we have them rather than thinking of some GREENER PASTURES or materialistic pleasures.