Thursday, September 10, 2009


Right now, am going through a phase in life that is making me more stronger.... Actually people expect me to break,cry and lament. But, i dont want to do it and wont do it either. I am questioning myself about a lot of things. What is important for me at this juncture in life ? Money, career or family ? I can earn money, but need a career. But, nothing to have a family. I would any day say family. I might sound like a loser, but i am not. People who have happiness and peace are the richest. I am not a hypocrate and dont intend to be one. I cant lie to people, pretend as if i like them, praise them and all that crap. I am like this. Like me ? Good for you. Dont like me ? Good for me !!! I have learnt that if something goes wrong, it is for good. Gives an oppurtunity to analyze yourself, the situation, your capabilities, liabilities and more importantly...the people around you.

If money can bring all happiness, then how come i dont see many people happy around me ?